Back 2 School Check List!

Back to school shopping has begun and in case you’re running a little behind, we’ve already created the back to school list for you!

Organize-It has all of your back to school essentials. Print this check list and use it while shopping this year. Online shopping? Start here!

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Drab to Fab Lockers!

Just in time for Back to School, and Organize-It has some incredible products to decorate your locker with! This year, locker decor has gone to a whole new level. You still have your basic magnets, mirrors, and picture frames, with an addition of the locker shag rugs, locker wallpaper, and the very innovative locker chandelier.  You read that right! The locker chandelier has a magnetic attachment to hang from the top of your locker and is complete with an LED light to brighten up your locker space.

We’ve put together several lines of various locker decor products and color coordinated sets to show you how awesome your locker could look this school year! All locker decor products can also be found here.

Perfect Purple!

This set of locker decor is great for those who love purple! The crystal LED chandelier adds a touch of elegance and accent to the whole aesthetic. You, of course, have your classic mirror with a chevron design. Don’t forget that wild purple zebra wallpaper pattern!


Line your locker with this soft shag locker carpet! Match with the rest of your blue and pink locker decor, or add some animal print and fun patterns.

Blazing Blue!


Decorate your locker with your favorite colored magnetic items. Use the essential blue chevron framed mirror along with the little blue magnets to post photos and notes in your locker. The blue and black patterned wallpaper will add some style to the locker and let’s not forget the LED chandelier to provide some light towards the back of your locker.

For more colors, patterns, and locker decor items check out our locker decor category page!

For other Back to School items, we have countless items you can view here.

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