New Year’s Resolutions: Closet Organizing Ideas


Besides quitting smoking or trying to lose weight, a lot of people make resolutions to be more organized in the New Year.  Whether you’re looking to straighten up your home, office or garage, Organize-It is the place to find wonderful storage solutions for all of life’s messes.  In a series that will run through January, we’re going to focus on different spaces that are often a source for clutter.  For our first entry in this series, we will focus on closets.  Enjoy!


Six-Tier Blouse Hanger – $6.99

A great way to start organizing your closet is to find ways to optimize your closet rod space.  Organize-It carries a number of clothes hangers, including tiered hangers that allows you to utilize vertical storage while only taking up the space of one hanger along your closet rod.  This Six-Tier Blouse Hanger is made from heavy-duty metal and has rubber coating along the arms of the hanger to prevent garments from falling off.


6-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer – $19.99

For those that want to create hanging shelf storage in their closet, this 6-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer is a wonderful and affordable option.  Taking up only 12 inches on your closet rod, this hanging closet shelf has a height of 50 inches, with each shelf measuring 12 inches wide and 12 inches deep.  Made from a breathable, durable cotton-canvas material, these shelves are a great way to store expensive sweaters or shirts to help keep their shape, as opposed to storing on hangers, which can cause stretching.


Axis Tie and Belt Hanger – $7.99

For those of us with extensive belt, tie or scarf collections, a specialty hanger, like this Axis Tie and Belt Hanger, provides a space to store our favorite clothing accessories.  Available in an attractive chrome finish, this tie and belt hanger has 14 extra-wide storage hooks that will properly display your accessories while preventing them from becoming tangled.


Chrome Shelf Dividers (Set of 2) – $7.99

If you’re lucky enough to have shelves already built into your closet, you may want to consider investing in some shelf dividers.  They’re a simple, easy-to-install way to prevent stacks of clothes or linens from falling over.  The set of Chrome Shelf Dividers shown above can slide onto shelves measuring .5 to .75 inches thick and are 10 inches tall and 12 inches deep.


Shoe and Boot Storage Rack -$69.99

Most of us probably have more than a few pairs of shoes, so an added shoe cubby to your closet is a great way to organize your shoe collection.  The Shoe and Boot Storage Rack pictured above has 12 compartments, eight square compartments for tennis shoes and high heels and four rectangular compartments for tall fashion boots.  The square compartments measure 7.5 inches wide x 12.5 inches deep x 7.5 inches high; the rectangular compartments measure 7.5 inches wide x 12.5 inches deep x 20 inches high.


If you have the budget, go big and do a whole closet redesign!  Organize-It has pre-designed freedomRail closets , or they can help you design one that perfectly suits your space and needs. Whatever your closet needs, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for at Organize-It.