New Brands Carried by Organize-It: Microplane Graters, Cutters and Mills


Organize-It adds new products to its inventory everyday.  Recently,  the Content Department has been adding a number of new brands to our website for our wonderful, loyal customers to explore and enjoy.  One of the new brands that has been added is Microplane, maker of premier-quality kitchen graters, cutters and mills.  Here is a sampling of Microplane items carried by Organize-It:

This Microplane Grater and Zester is the ideal tool to use when grating hard cheeses and zesting citrus.  It’s made from extremely hard and sharp surgical grade steel that is also dishwasher safe.

This dual Cheese Cutter and Grater allows you to choose the thickness of your cheese and get precise results with every use.  This cutter has a small, medium and large cutting setting along with a small ribbon grater surface.

Organize-It carries four different varieties of Microplane Graters.  The Fine Grater is ideal for use on hard cheeses, citrus and spices such as ginger and garlic.  The Coarse and Extra Coarse Graters are great for shredding and prepping potatoes, carrots, apples, cabbage, cucumbers, and soft cheeses in a variety of meals.  The Ribbon Grater can be used on hard or soft foods and cuts bi-directionally, making long, thin strips.

Imagine having fresh herbs quickly milled to perfection and sprinkled on your favorite salad without a bunch of chopping or a big mess to clean up. That is exactly what you get with the Microplane Herb Mill. With a few simple twists of the wrist, this device makes quick work of finely chopping herbs. The secret is in the blades. Unlike a traditional knife, the blade on this herb mill consists of numerous tiny blades with distinct scallops that cut like razors, as you rotate. The rotation produces a scissors-type action, clearly shearing the fibers, rather than tearing and bruising them. Enjoy instant dill in your egg salad, or fresh parsley sprinkled onto your soup. The soft grip lid fits comfortably in your hand, making the gadget a joy to use. The stainless steel blades, while long-lasting, are replaceable for a modest fee, if you should ever wear them out.

The Microplane Cheese Mill makes a wonderful addition to your dinner table and is a wonderful helper in the kitchen when preparing casseroles or lasagnas. Designed to grate large amounts of hard cheese, this rotary cheese grater can hold a large amount in the body and downward push and simple twist of the top grates cheese easily and effectively. Two interchangeable blades allow you to choose the consistency of the cheese so you can grate it into fine or coarse pieces. Designed with a soft-touch handle for comfort and a lid for convenient storage of the blades. Instructions are included all components are dishwasher safe for a quick and easy cleanup. This kitchen aid is designed for use on hard cheeses such as Parmesan, Swiss, and Romano.  Check out the video below to see the Cheese Mill in action.