It’s time to start thinking about a boot tray


Forget the rack for a while, and think about all the mud, snow and salt that is about to be tracked into your home. Creating a designated area for wet shoes and boots is the best thing you can do to combat autumn or winter messes.

Boot trays are a step above the standard welcome mat. These lipped and sturdy mats are designed to contain the mess that melts or settles from shoes during the colder months. This way, the mess in contained and easy to get rid of. Floors stay clean and carpet does not get ruined.

Personally, I adore the boot trays from Bungalow Flooring. They’re super efficient, easy to clean and they come in an array of attractive patterns as well as colors. Take the Boot Tray with Squares pattern, which comes in 18 different colors, for example. This guy is perfect for your foyer, mudroom, garage or any ol’ entryway. The rubber bottom keeps it snug in place without scuffing floors and the polypropylene fabric is great at absorbing moisture. Plus, this shoe tray is resistant to mold, mildew, cracking and crushing. This large boot tray is a quality product, sure to last many winters.

This boot tray also looks great in the Diamond or Leaf patterns, both available in the same choice of colors!

Bonus: All Bungalow Flooring products are manufactured in the United States!