Organize a Baby’s Changing Table


we just got back from visiting family in Minnesota. My sister-in-law and her husband are expecting their first child, and I had the opportunity to offer them some organizing tips for their nursery.


One of the most critical areas to get organized during your baby’s first year is the changing table.  You will spend a significant amount of time here, and you need many things right at your fingertips.  Each year accidents happen when a caregiver steps away from the changing table to get something they need. Here are some things to keep in mind when setting up the changing table:

    1. Convert a Dresser – Today’s changing pads make it easy to convert a dresser into a changing table.  Given all of the drawers, you can have all of your essentials within reach.  If you are not able to do this, you can use wicker baskets or plastic baskets to divide and organize some of the different items.


    1. Use a Basket for Diapers – If your changing table is long enough, I recommend having diapers and wipes in a basket on the dresser top.  If not, you can use a top drawer or shelf to store them. Other diaper changing necessities to keep close by include a burp cloth, creams and/or ointments which can be stored in the same drawer and kept separate with drawer dividers.


    1. Include a Wastebasket – Keep a wastebasket close by.  If you are using disposable diapers, consider purchasing one with a lid to reduce odors.


    1. Include a Hamper – Don’t forget a hamper.  You will be amazed at how much laundry your little bundle of joy will produce.


    1. Store Clothes in Drawers – Use the drawers or baskets for storing your baby’s “everyday” clothing, including onesies, pants and socks.  A closet works well for storing dress clothes and clothes for your baby to grow into.


I hope these tips help you to organize your baby’s changing table. By preparing this central area before you bring your baby home, you will ensure an easier transition.

Donna Lindley, Certified Professional Organizer and owner of Rochester Hills, MI-based Organize Your World, Inc.