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How to Store Produce Part 1

Reduce produce spoilage with proper food storage–here’s how… As summer approaches, I’ve got food on the brain… more specifically, farm-fresh food, Michigan-grown food, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and everything not so available during the winter months. This happens to me each spring, actually, and I tend to get charged, overzealous even, about vegetables, which means I buy too […]

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Kitchen Sink Organizing

How to Organize Your Sink for a More Efficient Kitchen Our kitchen sinks get a lot of action, so it’s essential to keep them organized. They are a place where dishes, utensils and even cleaning supplies can accumulate and, when disorganized, the kitchen becomes less efficient (and less attractive). If you find your sink area […]

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Organizing with Kitchen Vignettes

Organizing your kitchen is one thing. Making a personal statement with organization is another thing entirely. A deluded prelude to kitchen vignettes Austerity makes a kitchen counter simple to clean. For two years I kept my counter completely bare. It wasn’t because I embrace a minimalist aesthetic, because I don’t. I just found that relentless […]

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