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Folding Shirts

Folding Shirts to Maximize Space in Drawers Folding shirts, while a chore, can be a joyous, active meditation, believe it or not. If you struggle to relax, and find it difficult to sit quietly and meditate, folding clothes is a soothing activity that can help center you quickly while preparing your wardrobe for future wear. […]

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Organize Your Closet and Keep it That Way

Easy Steps to Organize Your Closet and Keep it in Tip-Top Shape Organizing your closet involves two major steps: organizing and maintaining. The latter is actually the easier part; the maintenance part is where some folks run into trouble. I’m sure some of you will know what I mean if you’ve spent lots of time […]

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Locker Accessories

Summer is nearly over but there’s plenty to look forward to as the school year approaches, including things to learn, and new friends and experiences. Locker accessories are a great way to express yourself and make a personal statement before and after classes – and during those pit stops throughout the day. The new school […]

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