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Interview with an Organizer – Organizing Maven

Organize-It Presents: Interview with an Organizer – the Organizing Maven Kelly Jane McCann is the Organizing Maven, a professional organizer and clutter coach with a unique approach to helping others. The Organizing Maven has a strong, distinct online presence and offers a wealth of free and paid resources to help people find structure and happiness […]

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Organized Fridge

How to Manifest an Organized Fridge The organized fridge, while uncommon, is easily manifested with a couple of clever products and minor changes to your daily habits. Here are a few storage items I use to keep my refrigerator organized and my food fresh and accessible: Fridge Storage Bins Cold-temperature-safe and easy to clean, these […]

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Stay Focused

How To Stay Focused in a Digitally Ecstatic World How to stay focused is a modern dilemma to many a man or woman, given the noise and busyness in our surroundings. At work, you may be distracted by the activities in the cubes next to you, the voices in your workspaces, the telephone ringing, someone’s […]

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