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Make tailgating easy this football season

Yes, football fans, another season is growing close. If you’re a real fanatic, you’re anticipating every aspect of the game – especially tailgating. I can’t lie, I’m not the biggest pig-skin fan, BUT I have been submerged into the culture at the hands of my friends and family. And tailgating is a blast no matter […]

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Fresh peaches brighten up the season

Staying on the topic of summer produce, let’s move our attention to peaches. These juicy, sweet hand-fruits are one of my personal favorites. And just like sweet corn that we mentioned last week, there are a variety of ways to enjoy them. How to pick a peach Just like any piece of fruit you purchase […]

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Summer ends on a sweet note with fresh corn

I grew up in the southern thumb if Michigan. My neighborhood didn’t have sidewalks and corner stores – we experienced budding childhood in between cornfields and cow farms. It wasn’t uncommon for kids to drive around at night and steal ears of corn, fresh and ripe from the towering stalks. The summer treat is no […]

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