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Industrial Pipe-Style Bath Accessories

Industrial Pipe-Style Bath Accessories – No DIY Required If you read my previous industrial pipe furniture blog post, you might think I’m a bit obsessed with industrial pipe. Truth is–I am. With fondness, I remember industrial pipe creations from my childhood inside the farms in my rural Midwestern neighborhood–including homemade pipe railings, grab bars and […]

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Dorm Bathroom Essentials – 10 Employee Picks – Laurie

Dorm Bathroom Essentials Employee Picks – from my Organized World to Yours – Laurie No one is going to argue that dorm bathrooms aren’t the suckiest part of living on campus. It’s just a fact. Whether you share a suite with three or more people you don’t know or you have to lug your bucket […]

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9 Must-Haves for Dorm Living

9 Must-Haves for Dorm Living – Inexpensive Items to Get You Organized College life can be challenging, especially when you are leaving home for the first time. Dorm rooms are often smaller than you’re used to, with limited floor and storage space. Closets tend to be undersized and drawers, scarce. Shared spaces like bathrooms usually […]

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