Back-to-School Dorm Room Checklist: Laundry


Is your son or daughter off to college soon? Still haven’t finished dorm room shopping? Don’t know where to start? Fortunately, Organize-It has helped take the stress out of packing up for the fall semester with our Back-to-School‬ Checklist.  On our blog, we will be highlighting the ten sections of the checklist and featuring some of Organize-It’s best products that will help keep your co-ed organized and clutter free throughout mid-terms and finals.  In our first entry, we will tackle laundry organization.  Enjoy!



This Pop Up Laundry Hamper is an excellent mesh laundry bag for gathering laundry in your dorm room. This folding laundry hamper is designed with a sturdy lightweight frame that holds at least one full load of laundry and folds flat for compact storage while not in use. Lightweight design and comfortable nylon carrying handles make it easy to carry up and down stairs, to and from the car, or in and out of the laundromat.  Comes in black, navy, red and white.


Are you unsure of how to wash a baseball cap?  Use this Baseball Cap Washer to easily clean flat and curved rimmed caps. For use in the dishwasher or washing machine, the new design uses less plastic and weighs less, so storage is a breeze.  When you’re done, you can store it in a cupboard for the next clean or use it to hold the shape of caps when they’re not being warn.

Create a quick drying rack in mere seconds with the Pop-Open Mesh Clothes Dryer. This laundry accessory has a spacious design to accommodate garments such as sweaters, pops open for quick use, and then folds flat for simple storage.  An elastic strap keeps drying rack securely closed when collapsed and folds flat for quick and simple storage almost anywhere.  Perfect laundry accessory for traveling, laundry rooms, dorms, or apartment living.

This Stain Remover from Gonzo is an environmentally safe, effective way to remove stains. Simply apply it to lift stains from clothing, carpet, vinyl and upholstery.  It comes in an eight ounce bottle and can also be used to pre-treat tough laundry stains.

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