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Memorial Day Picnic Planning

Everything You Need for Your Memorial Day Picnic Memorial Day is a time to commemorate those who have died while serving our country. Originating in the aftermath of the Civil War, the holiday has gone through many transformations over the last century and, like other holidays, holds different meanings for different people. Picnics and barbeques […]

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Organizing and Managing Papers

Drowning in paper? Here’s how to manage and organize your piles. Paper is the number one clutter element in a lot of homes. The average household receives a barrage of paper on a daily basis in the form of bills, ads, newspapers and magazines. The possibility of drowning in paper is real unless it is […]

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How to Store Produce Part 1

Reduce produce spoilage with proper food storage–here’s how… As summer approaches, I’ve got food on the brain… more specifically, farm-fresh food, Michigan-grown food, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and everything not so available during the winter months. This happens to me each spring, actually, and I tend to get charged, overzealous even, about vegetables, which means I buy too […]

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