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Five Meal Prep Tips for Beginners

Between work, school, kids, family, appointments — all of the things we juggle day in and day out, making meals is just another stress factor. Meal prep is a growing fad and for good reason. Preparing a week’s worth of meals ahead of time not only saves you time, but ensures you have access to […]

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Tips for Moving That Will Keep You Organized

It’s that time of year again. My lease is up and I’m moving house. The rental market is crazy expensive and crazy competitive right now, so every year I end up in a new place. As a seasoned veteran of moving home, I have collected a few tips and tricks along the way. These basic […]

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Make Moving Easy with Furniture Templates

Whether you plan on buying a home in the new year, treating yourself to new furniture or simply moving once again at the end of your lease, I have something that is going to make your life much easier.¬†As a habitual renter in a metropolitan area, I know the grief of trying to fit your […]

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