Organizing with Kitchen Vignettes


organizing kitchen vignettes
Organizing your kitchen is one thing. Making a personal statement with organization is another thing entirely.

A deluded prelude to kitchen vignettes

Austerity makes a kitchen counter simple to clean. For two years I kept my counter completely bare. It wasn’t because I embrace a minimalist aesthetic, because I don’t. I just found that relentless smatterings of crumbs were easier to clean without hindrances. But…

kitchen vignette awakening

A kitchen vignette awakening

The austere look lacked humanity. And style. Plus the melamine counter top of my rental simply didn’t merit 100% of the attention. It simply could not do the style job on its own. It demanded a distraction from its underwhelm. An infusion of personality was the answer, in the form of kitchen vignettes.

sparking a kitchen vignette

Sparking a kitchen vignette

Combine any or all of these elements to spark your counter top vignette:

– cooking, eating, or seasoning implements corralled in some type of container, like a vase or tray
– objects in some type of natural material, like wood or marble
– something unexpected: a portrait, a table lamp, or anything you wouldn’t expect to find in a kitchen
– something living like plants or cut flowers, or convincing fakes
– something that reinforces, punches up, or disrupts your color scheme
– something that is uniquely you, and would never be found in a furniture/lifestyle catalog
– a textile that speaks to you, like linen napkins artfully folded and stacked in a basket, or kitschy vintage print tea towels
– something so tacky it makes you laugh

kitchen vignette takeaway

Kitchen vignette takeaway

Eschew austerity with style. There is no need to settle for mere practicality. Things can be both useful, beautiful, and imbued with the quintessential you.

Meaningful kitchen vignettes = utilitarian objects + materials with integrity + an unexpected element.

This guest post was contributed by the gifted Kelly Ellyn, a lifestyle blogger and singer-songwriter based in the Chicago area. Her mantra for making lifestyle decisions is, “How do you want to feel?” This guiding question steers us towards creating a home life that nurtures, soothes, and stimulates. It’s what humans need. Read more about Kelly’s lifestyle ideas at


Holiday Chafing and Serving Dishes


If you have hosted the holidays, you know how difficult it is to keep food warm during the meal. Chafing dishes are the antidote with choices of single or multiple burners to keep foods heated for hours. Below are several options, including some just-in selections from our online store. We also have serving options for room-temperature appetizers, as seen below. For a more complete selection, be sure to check out our buffet supplies page at Organize-It.

chafing dish 7 quart

Chafing Dish – 7 Quart

For large gatherings, this large-size, stainless steel chafing dish keeps food warm for hours. Two fuel holders provide plenty of heat and the dish includes a 2.5-inch tall steaming pan, a built-in steam vent, a slow-open, hinged top, and stylish feet that keep the server well above the table top. This server is as attractive as it is functional, making it a splendid server for weddings, Christmas, Bah mitzvahs, Thanksgiving, or any event where food is served.

copper chafing dish 6 quart

Copper Chafing Dish – 6 Quart

This hammered-finish copper chafing dish gives an Old World look to your buffet, while providing 6 quarts of warm food storage for your foods. This twisted wrought-iron-style legs add a visually-pleasing detail and the copper-finished stainless steel ensures a long life and easy cleaning.

copper chafing dish 3 quart

Copper Chafing Dish – 3 Quart

For smaller gatherings, or simply smaller food batches, this 3-quart dish makes an attractive, heated food server for your guests. A single bottom burner keeps food hot, and the small, 15-inch footprint takes up little space on your table or buffet. This model is also available in a stainless steel finish.

food servers set of 3

Food Servers – Set of 3

For small appetizers, this set of three ceramic servers make a dazzling display. Whether you have meatballs, deviled eggs, or other hors d’oeuvres, you’ll love the style and usefulness of this set. Ceramic dishes are removable for cleaning and the servers are tiered for compact storage, one beneath the other.

Pipe Furniture 3-Tier Wall Shelf

Industrial Pipe Furniture the Easy Way

  • Pipe Furniture Coat Rack
  • Pipe Furniture Foyer Bench
  • Pipe Furniture 4-Shelf Tower
  • Pipe Furniture 3-Tier Wall Shelf
  • Pipe Furniture Side Table

DIY Industrial Pipe Furniture – Without the DIY

Industrial pipe furniture is all the rage. From DIY shelves, to tables to toilet paper holders, home owners are doing it for themselves. Standard black or galvanized pipe can be cut, threaded and combined with joints and wood to create a dizzying combination of custom-sized furniture with a little elbow grease. But what if you could do it yourself without the cutting, threading, sanding and hassle? This clever line of faux-industrial pipe furniture is the anecdote: It’s do-it-yourself without the do-it-yourself. No cutting, measuring or removing that nasty coating. Just unbox it and assemble with a screwdriver.

Versatile and rustic, industrial pipe furniture lends itself to many different decors. Traditionally used in old rural areas, it can give your old home a rustic 40s feel, or add some rugged austerity to an industrial space such as an urban loft. Combine it with modern furniture for an eclectic vibe, integrate into your steampunk abode, or furbish your art studio or craft room for some no-nonsense, utilitarian, open storage. You’re only limited by your imagination.

The pieces in this collection are easy to assemble. You can mix and match based on your needs. And the shelves are composite with an easy-to-wipe, distressed finish for easy maintenance. Best part is there’s no sawing, painting, threading or mess. And did I mention they’re extremely affordable?

Industrial Pipe Furniture Coat Rack

Industiral Pipe Furniture Coat Rack
Two shelves store boots, purses and backpacks for convenient storage when you first enter your space. A top shelf holds hats, attaché cases and other essentials, and sturdy locking casters make it easy to relocate, and so pleasing to you restless decorators.

Industrial Pipe Furniture Foyer Bench

Industiral Pipe Furniture Foyer Bench
Place this bench and rack in the foyer or anywhere it seems convenient. Three hooks store coats and over shirts, and a seat-atop the bottom shelf is perfect for changing your shoes–or use it for an extra shelf.

Industrial Pipe Furniture 4-Shelf Tower

Industiral Pipe Furniture 4-Shelf Tower
Perfectly proportioned, this 4-shelf storage tower begs for vignettes–or go functional and use it to store books, craft supplies, and more. Each shelf is approximately 12 x 12 inches.

Industrial Pipe Furniture 3-Tier Wall Shelf

Industiral Pipe Furniture 3-Tier Wall Shelf
Books, media and decorative objects will find a home on these small, three-tiered shelf. It displays well in an entryway, hallway or as an end table.

Industrial Pipe Furniture Side Table

Industiral Pipe Furniture Side Table
Compact and open ended, this small side table makes a great accent to a davenport and doubles as a bedside table, depending on your needs. Plants, lamps and photos display nicely on the 20 by 16-inch surface.