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Folding Shirts to Maximize Space in Drawers

Folding shirts, while a chore, can be a joyous, active meditation, believe it or not. If you struggle to relax, and find it difficult to sit quietly and meditate, folding clothes is a soothing activity that can help center you quickly while preparing your wardrobe for future wear.

A friend once asked me pointers for meditating and I suggested chopping vegetables as a good active meditation. If you don’t get centered quickly, you’re likely to cut yourself. Shirt folding is less dangerous, however, but just as satisfying.

Folding is best done on a table but doing it on your bed is okay too. The sooner you start after drying, the fewer wrinkles you’ll have to contend with. It’s surprising how many wrinkles you can remove, though, by simply spreading out your shirts and smoothing them with hands as you fold.

The photo below shows steps for folding a t-shirt, but it will work on shirts with collars as well. Just be sure to smooth and arrange the collars evenly. The method below is very similar to the Konmari method – probably a hybrid of Marie Kondo and my grandmother’s way of shirt folding. The difference is in how the sleeves are folded.

Folding shirts this way makes them super-compact so they can be stored on edge, which takes up less space in your drawers. While hanging shirts in the closet is easier, some of us are lacking in closet space and maximizing your drawer space is always a good idea. If you remove the wrinkles as you go, folding into thirds or even quarters produces no more wrinkles and you’ll be amazed at how many t-shirts you can pack in a drawer. The main drawer photo above includes over fifty shirts – plus room for at least ten more. If the shirts had been folded like retail displays, they would’ve taken up more than twice the room. Most people would arrange the shirts facing the drawer front. In this instance, they seemed more accessible arranged along the length of the drawer. It’s really a matter of personal preference.

If you are moving into a dorm or are short on drawer space, you’re sure to love this method of folding shirts, as it leaves more room in your closet for suits, coats and dress clothes. Enjoy!

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Organize Your Closet and Keep it That Way


organize your closet

Easy Steps to Organize Your Closet and Keep it in Tip-Top Shape

Organizing your closet involves two major steps: organizing and maintaining. The latter is actually the easier part; the maintenance part is where some folks run into trouble. I’m sure some of you will know what I mean if you’ve spent lots of time building your dream closet, only to find it in a disarray six months later because you never changed the habits that made the chaos to begin with. The following is a useful list of easy steps to first organize, and then maintain your closet, which requires very little time investment if you perform the rituals regularly and faithfully.

Organize Your Closet

1. Remove clothing, shoes and other Items and perform a storage needs assessment.
2. Donate or toss items you haven’t worn in a year, do not want, or no longer fit into.
3. Assess storage requirements for folded garments and hanging ones.
4. Purchase additional storage to accommodate your clothing, shoes and accessories (think hangers, belt racks, hanger valets, shoe boxes or shoe racks, etc).
5. Install new closet accessories and components.
6. Establish a system for hanging and folded storage (arrange by color, style length, frequency of use, etc.).
7. Return clothing and shoes to your closet.
8. Admire your handiwork.

Maintain Your Closet

Having achieved the extreme order you want in your closet, now you need to keep it that way. In the past, you may have gone through the organizing process, only to find your closet returned to it’s chaotic state, but this doesn’t have to happen, provided you work at the art of maintenance and good habits.

1. Closet Rules

Establish closet rules and follow them. Yes, rules are fun to break, but not in this instance. Use the rest of the points to help establish your own guidelines, which will likely be more detailed, numerous and elaborate.

2. Put it Away Now

Return every article to its proper location in your closet (clothing, shoes, etc.).

3. Observe a Buy-Toss Ratio

Adopt a new-garment-toss-garment policy (if you buy something new, you must part with something old). This gives you a mental shopping check so you don’t acquire too much again.

4. Hanger Maintenance

Remove empty hangers from your closet as soon as you remove the garments for wearing.

5. Scheduled Mini-Closet Maintenance (5 Minutes Minimum)

Have a once-a-week, Saturday morning closet clean up (re-order clothes by color, garment-type, etc.).

6. Periodic and Seasonal Closet Assessments

If you haven’t worn it in a year, get rid of it. Easy-peasy.

7. Size Checks

If it’s too big, get rid of it. If it’s really too small, get rid of it.

Once you organize your closet, it really isn’t that hard to keep it that way if you create a schedule of closet maintenance practices and stick with them. Organizing is a way of thinking and forming good habits as much as it is a physical action. You’ll find as you repeat habits, it becomes like second nature, and you’ll enjoy the benefits that result from your improved closet organizing and maintenance routines.


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freedomRail pear closet system shown. Photo courtesy of Organized Living

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Locker Accessories


locker accessories

Summer is nearly over but there’s plenty to look forward to as the school year approaches, including things to learn, and new friends and experiences. Locker accessories are a great way to express yourself and make a personal statement before and after classes – and during those pit stops throughout the day.

The new school year sparks mixed feelings as the fun of summer comes to a close. Pre-fall, back-to-school shopping excursions minimize the “vacation over” blues, with locker accessories being one of the more fun and affordable indulgences. Here are seven inexpensive locker accessories to help kids get in the groove of school life:

hanging locker organizer black

1. Hanging Locker Organizer – available in black, pink or blue and has everything you need for book, supply, shoe, coat and accessory storage in one simple product. Mesh pockets provide expandable side storage, and it’s both durable and lightweight. It hangs from hooks, a rod, or from actual locker shelves, making it an indispensable locker accessory.

magnetic locker bin green

2. Magnetic Locker Bin – comes in a variety of colors and patterns – plus it adds instant bling to your locker as a way of making a personal statement. Use it as a pencil cup, for cell phone storage, or to store a variety of other supplies.

magnetic locker wallpaper

3. Magnetic Locker Wallpaper – available in a range of fun colors and patterns, this locker wallpaper is a fun way to transform dingy gray lockers from drab to fab. The magnetic back makes it a cinch to install and just as easy to remove – no sticky adhesive or mess to clean up.


4. Magnetic Locker Mirror – always look your best with a mirror hung right where you need it. Whether it’s eye makeup, a hair check, or after-lunch braces inspection, a magnetic mirror is an essential locker accessory.

expandable locker shelf blue

5. Expandable Locker Shelf – adds convenient storage to most-sized lockers. It’s lightweight, made of plastic, and available in pink, blue or black to suit your taste. Why live with the standard storage of most lockers when you can customize it to your liking?

magnetic locker decorator flower

6. Magnetic Flowers – add a fun blast of color to your locker interior – plus you can use it to hold notes, photos and homework assignments. They measure 6 inches in diameter and come in pink or purple.

magnetic white board locker accessories

7. Magnetic Dry Erase Board – use as a reminder board, to-do list, or write poems, love letters, or even plan tweets. Great thing is – it’s temporary – or leave it there the whole semester. Dry erase boards are one of the most-needed, appreciated and fun locker accessories.

Ease the disappointment of summer’s end with something to look forward to – locker decorating – with only a few small indulgences from Organize-it’s Back-To-School Collection. Locker decorating is a fun way to express yourself and distinguish your locker from everyone elses’.

by Laurie Halbritter

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