Christmas Ornament Storage Ideas


Christmas Ornament Storage

Christmas Ornament Storage Ideas to Protect Your Precious Keepsakes

Post-Christmas storage is always the saddest part of the holidays, but if you plan now, you’ll be prepared when the holidays come. Ornament, tree, wreath, china and wrapping paper storage are a few the of the holiday items we have to worry about and I have lots of suggestions to get your prepared – so many, in fact, that I’m going to make this a multi-part post, featuring Christmas ornament storage in this first installment.

If you’re like me, you probably have a variety of ornaments, maybe even some heirloom ones that need some special care to prevent damage. Some of my most-prized possessions are my grandmother’s glass ornaments from the early part of the 20th century, that were passed onto her from her mother. I’d be devastated if something happened to them.

I only discovered these dedicated Christmas ornament storage solutions when I started working at Organize-it. I have to say, they make post-holiday storage so much easier. Everything fits easily in the boxes and I don’t have to mess around with tissue paper – plus I can easily identify them when the next holiday rolls around.

Christmas Ornament Storage Box

This particular ornament storage box is great for round ornaments and holds up to 27. Ornaments are fully protected by individual 5-inch square cells, which are divided by three stiff layers, so they don’t get crushed. A lid keeps them covered and dust-free, and handles make it convenient to carry and shelve at the end of the holiday.

Christmas Ornament Storage Container

The Christmas Ornament Storage Container is a storage carrying solution for large-ornament-collection needs. Four removable padded trays store up to 80 total ornaments (20 each) for a robust, mobile storage solution. This cart is smartly designed with wheels and a telescoping handle. The beauty of this ornament container is that you don’t have to lug a bunch of boxes when decorating and putting away your ornaments.

Sterilite Ornament Storage Container

Made of clear plastic for easy identification, the Sterilite Ornament Storage Container is perfect for basement storage, given the non-porous, plastic construction. It’s also perfect for storing odd-sized ornaments, as you can adjust the dividers for a custom fit. The stacking design and latched handles make for easy storage and the red trim shouts “Christmas” when you’re rummaging for your Christmas decorations next year.

Christmas Ornament Stand

ornament standThis last item is more of a display than a storage container, but I included it because it makes a lovely gift, as well as a way to display heirloom ornaments or other small hanging decor. I like to use them as accompaniments for woodturned ornaments, as they have attractive lines and make a nice table accent. I imagine they could be repurposed to display a variety of decorative items such as wood or glass ornamental objects.

Organize-It carries a huge variety of ornament and other Christmas storage products, so stop back by the blog for future installments to help you prepare for the holidays. You might also enjoy your Pinterest Christmas Storage Ideas board which displays a lot of our products (not all) in one location. Our Pinterest page has 110 boards with nearly 6000 pins including products, organizing tips, cleaning tips and more.


Industrial Pipe-Style Bath Accessories


industrial pipe-style bath accessories

Industrial Pipe-Style Bath Accessories – No DIY Required

If you read my previous industrial pipe furniture blog post, you might think I’m a bit obsessed with industrial pipe. Truth is–I am. With fondness, I remember industrial pipe creations from my childhood inside the farms in my rural Midwestern neighborhood–including homemade pipe railings, grab bars and towel racks. They were sometimes painted neutral gray tones; splashed with bright, thick, colorful enamels; or just left plain to preserve their industrial aesthetic. Pipe was a likely material for home projects as it was rugged, inexpensive, readily available, and modular. It’s no wonder it has recently resurfaced as a popular material for do-it-yourselfers.

The beauty of this new Pipeline collection is that it’s already made for you and comes in seven different, durable, powder-coated finishes: brushed bronze, antique bronze, oil-rubbed bronze, matte black, matte white, matte gray and satin nickel. Powder coating means long-lasting. Could you assemble some yourself and spray paint your own finish? Of course, but it wouldn’t be as durable and these are already made for you. No mess. No assembly. No fuss. Just install them in your walls with the provided screws and a couple of hand tools.

Several different styles are available with three different material combinations: tempered glass and metal, traditional “plain” metal pipe, and polished, warm mahogany wood and metal.

The bronze finishes and glass shelves add a bit of elegance to the utilitarian design, making them really versatile for matching a range of decors. Industrial pipe-style racks and bath accessories are décor that you can live with for years to come as they have an enduring style and are of excellent quality that can weather years of use. A limited-lifetime manufacturer’s warranty is evidence of the high standards used in designing and manufacturing these fixtures.

Whether you live in an apartment building, a modern townhouse, a farmhouse or an urban loft, you’re sure to find something you like in this new collection of high-end bathroom accessories (and you don’t have to just use them in the bath). Be sure to check out my other post on industrial pipe-style furniture.

Industrial Pipe-Style Double Wood Shelf with Towel Bar

Industrial Pipe-Style Double Wood Shelf and Towel Bar

Industrial Pipe-Style Double Towel Bar

Industrial Pipe-Style Double Towel Bar

Industral Pipe Style Toilet Paper Holder with Shelf

Industrial Pipe-Style Toilet Paper Holder with Shelf

Industrial Pipe-Style Triple Ladder-Style Towel Rack

Industrial Pipe-Style Triple Ladder-Style Towel Holder

Industrial Pipe-Style Toothbrush Holder

Industrial Pipe-Style Toothbrush Holder

Industrial Pipe-Style Toilet Paper Holder

Industrial Pipe-Style Toilet Paper Holder

industiral pipe style soap dish

Industrial Pipe-Style Soap Dish

Industrial Pipe Two Tiered Shelf with Towel Rack

Industrial Pipe-Style 2-Tiered Shelf and Towel Bar


Christmas Tree Storage Solutions 2016


christmas tree storage solutions

Christmas Tree Storage Solutions to Keep Your Tree in Pristine Shape All Year Round

Christmas Tree Storage Solutions for 2016 – just for you! As promised, here’s my second installment of Christmas organizing ideas – namely, Christmas tree storage. Artificial Christmas trees are great for a lot of reasons: they save trees, they don’t shed unsightly needles, you only have to buy one, as opposed to the yearly cost of real trees – and the list goes on. The one downfall of artificial trees is the issue of storage, however.

Fortunately, they usually fold up to make themselves more compact. Some even have multiple pieces, so you can disassemble, but if you have room for storage, why would you want to – especially when you can purchase upright Christmas tree storage bags?

While you may keep the original packaging, over time it gets ragged, shopworn, and dusty from repeatedly removing and replacing the trees. There are better Christmas tree storage solutions and we’ve got them! Whether you desire upright tree storage or a duffle bag style that you can tote around, we have artificial Christmas tree bags in a huge range of styles and sizes for every budget.

Christmas Tree Storage Solutions by Size

1. Greenskeeper Tree Storage Bag – 10-12 Foot
I always wanted a gigantic Christmas tree but alas, my small house can’t accommodate it. For those of you with cathedral ceilings, however, this Greenskeeper Christmas Tree Storage Bag is just for you. Designed for 10-12 foot trees, this super-heavy-duty bag has a sturdy, rectangular frame and padded straps for transporting. Heavy-duty wheels make it mobile and there’s extra room for storing other decorations – especially when storing a shorter tree.

2. Christmas Tree Storage Bag – Up to 10 Foot
Trees up to ten feet tall fit nicely in this bare-bones, zippered denier bag and it’s bargained-priced at under 30 dollars (we’re listing it below in the budget section as well). A mesh window lets you view the tree – just in case you forget where you put it next year ;-), although the bright red color also serves as a great reminder.

Christmas Tree Storage Solutions for Upright Storage

1. Upright Christmas Tree Storage Bag – Up to 7.5 Foot
If you have more vertical space available than shelf space, an upright Christmas Tree Storage Bag might be just the thing for you! Using your own tree stand, this tree storage bag ties around your tree via drawstring closures, making it super-easy to use. It’s made of durable polyester and colored bright red so you’re sure not to lose it ;-). Use it for trees up to 7.5 feet tall.

2. Upright Christmas Tree Storage Bag – 7-9 Foot
For 7- 9-foot Christmas tree storage, this heavy-duty storage bag comes with a dedicated dolly for easy moving. Made of heavy, polyester denier, this sturdy storage bag compresses the tree through it’s smart design, saving you the trouble of disassembly. Next Christmas you’ll be ready to go by simply rolling to it’s display location and undoing the fasteners.

Christmas Tree Storage Solutions for the Budget-Minded

1. Rolling Christmas Tree Storage Bag – 6-7.5 Foot
For the budget-minded, this no-frills carrying bag holds a medium-sized artificial Christmas tree from 6-7.5-feet tall and includes wheels for easy transporting. At under 25 dollars, you really can’t go wrong.

2. Rolling Christmas Tree Storage Bag – 6-9 Foot
A heavy-duty, PVC-reinforced design makes this budget bag a reliable way to store 6-9-foot trees and includes three wheels for easy mobility. At 36 dollars, it provides plenty of secure storage without breaking your bank.

Whether you have big or small tree storage needs, you’re sure to love our selection of duffle bag-style and standing Christmas tree storage solutions. Be sure to also read our Christmas ornament storage post for great ideas on keeping your precious ornaments protected year round. Also check out our holiday storage page at Organize-It for tons of ideas for storing all of your Christmas decor.

Christmas Tree Storage Solutions