Product Spotlight: Potting Benches


potting benches

Product Spotlight: Potting Benches

There’s nothing more satisfying than nurturing a plant from seedling to a mature, bountiful, ornamental or copious heirloom tomato. Of course, you can do your repotting, pruning and other small gardening tasks on a porch, in your kitchen, or anywhere, but nothing beats a well-designed potting bench for completing these tasks.

Features such as drawers, shelves and tool holders add efficiency to your green hobby–plus you can display your potted beauties right on the bench. Here are some of our favorite wood potting benches which come in a pleasing array of finishes to complement your garden decor. Find them at Organize-It.

Cedar Potting Bench

cedar potting bench
You’re sure to enjoy the warm tones of this bug and weather-resistant cedar potting bench. Robus–with lots of storage space, this table adds utility and visual interest to your garden.

Lattice-Backed Potting Bench

lattice potting bench

The lattice is a nice decorative addition to this bench. Morning glories or climbing clematis anyone?

Potting Bench with Cabinet

deluxe potting bench with cabinet

For when you need extra concealed or secure storage. This hardwood bench features an easy-to-clean galvanized work surface.

Deluxe Potting Bench with Shelves

deluxe potting bench with shelves

Economically priced and made from sturdy fir, this model features a utility drawer, a side-mounted tool rack, and a handy basin for pruning and other plant-care tasks.




Patio Covers – Keep Outdoor Furniture and Entertaining Accessories Clean Year Round


patio coversIf you’ve ever planted yourself on a soggy patio seat, well, you know you don’t want that to happen again—to you or your guests! It never occurred to me that there are dedicated patio covers (to help keep yourself and your furniture dry) until I came to work at Organize-It. I had never seen them in local stores.

Not only do patio covers cover your chairs, tables and benches—they come in a variety of configurations to protect your outdoor accessories including barbecues, fire pits, outdoor heaters, and even outdoor televisions. Whether you are a morning latte drinker or an outdoor entertainment queen or king, you’ll likely appreciate the usefulness of covers, as they keep your furniture and entertaining gear clean and ready to use.  And if you don’t have enclosed winter storage, that’s not a problem because most of our covers are made for year-round use which protects your furniture from the wind, snow, rain and debris that reduce the life of outdoor accessories. You invested a lot in your outdoor furniture and you likely want it to last a long time.

Outdoor patio covers save you time too. Imagine how convenient it would be if you didn’t have to hose furniture down each time you want to entertain? Time is precious. Covers only take a minute to apply using the smartly-designed fastening systems. When you’re ready to use your furniture, you can quickly unfasten the covers and store them in a discreet place until after the party’s over (deck bench storage is great for this).

The Veranda line of covers combine utility, affordability and aesthetics to make a pleasing addition to your outdoor décor. Made of two-tone tan and brown PVC-lined polyester, they are rugged enough to withstand harsh weather and have advanced design features that set them apart from most other patio covers including:

  • Vents to reduce billowing.
  • Elastic enclosures for a snug fit.
  • Quick-fasten straps for easy, secure storage.
  • Three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Veranda line is extensive and will likely cover most of your patio-protection needs, from table to hot tub to hose reel storage. They’re ideal for frequent or seasonal storage—whatever you need. We do carry a small selection of vinyl and polyester covers as well. Find them all on our Patio Cover page at Organize-It.




15 Things to Love about Glass Cookware and Food Storage Products


Glass Storage

15 Things to Love about Glass Cookware and Food Storage Products

I’ve cooked a lot of meals in my day and have tried practically every kind of cookware–from Teflon to ceramic–to tried-and-true cast iron, which I had trouble seasoning. I have my favorite high-end non-stick pans and find myself not particularly attached to a brand, although, I have thrown many out over the course of my cooking life.

When I started working at Organize-It, I became obsessed with kitchen organizing and, since I like to cook, with food storage (along with gadgets of every sort). When you write about products (and research them), it becomes really easy to sell yourself on them. It’s dangerous working in retail sometimes. Yes, I have too much stuff. 😉

Like most Aquarians, I love gadgets and innovation, and, of course, this means new materials, new pots and pans, and, of course, more efficient ways of doing things. The amount of products available in America is almost dizzying. I love the bright seasonal colors of produce keepers, food storage containers, and every promising new utensil you might need in your kitchen, and I’m always keen on hearing about the latest and greatest. However, I’ve developed a new interest in an old classic, one that I grew up with–and my parents and grandparents before me, which is glass. I know you likely have things to do today (and so do I), so I’m going to keep today’s post short and sweet: 15 Things to Love about Glass Cookware. And when you’re finished with this list, you may want to peruse some of our Anchor Hocking glass food storage products (many, of which, I own and cook with). You should also check out these oval canisters by Progressive, which make colorful displays in your pantry.

Things to Love about Glass

  1. Doesn’t absorb odors.
  2. Doesn’t react with any known foods.
  3. Inert, and so doesn’t release elements into food.
  4. Non-porous and completely safe.
  5. Durable, will last forever, provided you don’t drop it.
  6. Shatter resistant (if tempered).
  7. If tempered, usually safe for oven, microwave, fridge or freezer.
  8. Will outlast most other cookware.
  9. Provides great visibility and easy food identification when mixing, prepping, cooking, serving, or storing foods.
  10. Better heat conduction and retention than most other materials used in cookware manufacturing.
  11. Faster baking due to heat absorption (and, therefore, less power consumption). *You should turn down oven 25% from recipe suggestions to avoid burning.
  12. Better food browning than many other cookware materials.
  13. Easy to clean.
  14. Doesn’t stain or discolor.
  15. Doubles as a serving dish.